A six-week group coaching program designed to give you a customized business plan that will allow you to take your business from survival-mode to success-mode.


Hey there mama! I see you trying to build your business during nap time or in the few hours of quiet time you get each day. You know in your heart that you are made for more, you are passionate about building something amazing but you are tired and frustrated....pulled in a million different directions and unsure of what you are supposed to do to get real results. 
You have Googled until you are out of questions to search for, paid for course after course that promised results but never delivered and  exhausted every free resource you can find. And yet, you aren't seeing the results you want. 

It's time for something better. The GMB Academy is designed to give you personalized guidance and a roadmap to success in your unique busihness.


Is it for?

Each Academy coaching session is 6 weeks in length and will include a small group of 10-12 female entrepreneurs. Each week there will be a group Zoom call where new topics and lessons will be introduced, followed by a Q&A session. There will also be weekly assignments and action tasks to help you implement the content in your business.

In addition to the group chats and assignments, you will have 8 weeks of Voxer access to Kendra (your coach) so you can ask questions or get feedback on your business specific topics. 

Because each small group will have different needs, the structure of the Academy will be the same, but the content may vary based on what each group members need most in their business.


Does it work?

Payment Plan: 4 payments of $350

Pay in Full : $1250

Investing in your business can be scary! I totally get the fear and anxiety that creeps in when you see a price tag. However, I fully believe that YOU are worth the investment.

There is both a Pay-in-Full option as well as a payment plan option available.


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Where could your business be in 6 weeks?

- You could keep doing what you are doing now and hope something works


- You could sign up for the Academy and get the help and roadmap you need to ensure your business grows

The choice is yours....

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