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The Girl Means Business podcast is aimed at helping women build a business without stress and overwhelm. It's like a weekly chat with your business BFF. Each week Kendra, and her guests, share valuable insights, actionable tips and practical resources to help you take your business from survival-mode to success-mode!

The Girl Means Business audience is primarily female dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs. They are driven, incredibly hard workers, and encouragers! Most are creatives, believing in the power of community over competition.

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Most episodes receive 350 downloads within the first 30 days, with more popular episodes reaching the 500+ mark in the first 30 days. 

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I am constantly on the hunt for new and exciting guest to be interviewed for the Girl Means Business podcast. If you feel that you have a unique or creative topic to share with my audience, and can provide value. Please feel free to apply below. I look forward to chatting with you! 

Must be willing to share your episode with your audience, including posting to social media

Interviews will take place during the day on Monday - Wednesday

Guests are welcome to share their lead magnets or special offers at the end of the interview.

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Kendra Swalls is a former elementary school teacher turned photographer and entrepreneur who is helping women let go of the notion that perfection equals success. Her first business was a portrait photography business based in the Dallas area, Paisley Layne Photography, that specialized in helping women feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. She is now the founder of the Girl Means Business business education site and podcast, and is on a mission to help women not only launch their dream business, but to show them all of the marketing and social media tips and tools she's learned on her own journey. She wants women to know that balancing motherhood and your career is definitely possible and achievable

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Email Marketing 101 - Why you need an email list and how to get started building one

Building the Know, Like & Trust Factor - how to utilize social media and your website to connect with your ideal client

How to Turn Your Passion and Skills into a Business - the basics of starting a business

Work-Life Balance + Productivity - running a business and a home isn't an easy task, but it can be done 

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