Designed to help busy mompreneuers build a business without overwhelm, make the most of their time and create a brand that stands out! 




This kit will provide you with all the tools you need to start your email marketing program, so that you can start building strong and lasting relationships with your audience.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to building and growing your business. Take the Marketing Style Quiz to learn more about the best marketing path for your business based on your unique style and personality.

You have heard all the experts tell you to "find your niche" and "the riches are in the niches"...but HOW do you actually find your NICHE? 

This 16-page workbook is designed to help you do just that! 

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Marketing Quiz

Niche Workbook

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Email marketing just got a whole lot easier! You can start using an ENTIRE YEAR of done-for-you email templates today to connect with your audience.⁠ ⁠
⁠No more staring at a blank screen wondering what to say⁠

Learn how to quickly and easily create content for your business so you never have to wonder what you are going to post or what to say.

When you are finished with Content Camp you will have a content plan of action in place, a bank of content ideas and a clear vision for what content your audience wants from you.

Let's solve your biggest business problem and create a strategy for getting your results right now. 

Each brainstorm session is 30minutes that is 100% dedicated to YOU and your business

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Content Camp

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Running a business can feel lonely  - but it doesn't have to be. Let's work together to simplify your business and marketing so you can focus on the thing that really make a difference. 
Get more results with less effort!

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The client management system that changed how I run my business. Take a peek inside how I use it and save

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The easiest to use email marketing platform that also includes gorgeous templates!   They have one low price, no matter how large your list gets!  

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Managing your business finances and taxes has never been easier. Quickbooks and the Quickbooks App lets you easily track income, expenses and your mileage! 

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If you aren't using Canva to create graphics for your business then you are missing out. It is the easiest way to create beautiful, on-brand graphics for everything in your business!


I use Asana to organize all.the.thing in my business! From content calendars and podcast episodes to program logins and client notes. It's my most favorite organization tool in my business.

If you are thinking of starting a podcast (or maybe you already have one) Buzzsprout is the hosting site I 100% recommend. 




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