Maggie is a New York City based creative entrepreneur, working with clients as a graphic designer, painter, jewelry maker, and most recently, interior designer. Maggie has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting her first business at 20 years old selling her handmade jewelry in Boston MA. That business grew and developed over the years, expanding to custom artwork, while she worked full time in events in New York City.

With the fall of the events industry amidst the pandemic, Maggie discovered her love for interior decorating, leading her to launch her newest business, Nestia, which offers affordable interior decor consulting. While Maggie will always make time for her freelance clients in graphic design and painting, her hope is to scale Nestia, because everyone deserves to live in a space that truly feels like home.

Here’s what we chatted about in this episode:
– How to have a grateful mindset.
– The impact that gratitude can have in your life and business.

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Ep 87: A Gratitude Mindset with Maggie Antalek