Rachel Berlino is a Stress Management Coach and is on a mission to change the world’s relationship to stress.

In this week’s episode, she is sharing her journey with the physical signs of stress and how you can learn from her mistakes.

Books mentioned for further reference:

Burnout, Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. and Amelia Nagoski, DMA
The secret to unlocking the stress cycle

Untamed, Glennon Doyle
There’s a huge personal price to pay for constantly being the person you feel others want you to be. Stop chasing ‘dirty pink bunnies’ because other people think that’s what your life should be. You are born a cheetah. Be who you are!

The Body Keeps The Score, Bessel Van Der Kolk
Brain, Mind, and Body in the healing of trauma

The Deepest Well, Healing The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity, 
Nadine Burke Harris, M.D.
The impact of toxic stress on developing brains and how it affects future generations.

Ep 126: The Physical & Emotional Signs Of Stress with Rhonda Berlino